About David Stacey

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I'm an Interactive Developer living in the Boulder area. For the last three + years I've been focused on Drupal development building responsive mobile websites and rich media using standards based HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. I've creating corporate sites both independently and through agencies. I've implemented analytics, marketing automation, CRM and CDN systems. My services include planning, design and implementation including custom module development, theming and sysadmin. I offer over 15 years of experience in the industry coming from a background in interactive web, multimedia and rich media.

Tools: Using AptanaStudio/Sublime to code PHP, JS, and SCSS via git for version control and Compass to compile my css for my responsive theming. I have extensive experience with the Adobe Creative Suite. I am expanding my jQuery & Javascript skills adding to several years of Actionscript experience.

Back-end experience: LAMP (Linux, Apache, NGINX, MYSQL, PHP) + HTML5, AJAX, jQuery, JSON, GIT, shell scripts; Linux, Drush, Bash. I deliver on servers optimized for Drupal: Acquia, Aegir (Omega8), Pantheon. Local dev with Vagrant on OSX. I am still familiar with Windows & Ubuntu and use them in vbox.

Other capabilities: user experience UX wireframes, use case UML diagrams, user interface UI design, SEO, Automated Marketing, analytics implementation.

Future: I enjoy design & theming but I also enjoy coding new functionality. I hope to continue engaging users through dynamic and compelling user-centered experiences.

Community: Slowly getting involved in the Drupal community. With the recent international travel, relocation, having a baby, selling our house, I have had little time to connect & contribute.

History: I started out in Illustration, cdrom, desktop apps, shockwave/flash. I generated video and 3D to enhance experiences. My early coding experiences were with Macromedia products (Lingo/Actionscript) and Javascript to interface rich media. I coded installers with plugin checkers for hybrid cd/desktop apps. In the early 2000s I started learning Object Oriented methods with AS3. Building XML parsers for data grids, creating libraries for reuse across projects. Around 2005 I worked with PHP, Phpnuke then to Joomla and finally to Drupal.

I worked at Doubleclick/Google and helped implement and improve rich media API products for publishers. My team helped to monetize video and rich media. As I learned more about the publisher business I realized I wanted to get more involved with CMS implementation and development. I took a sabbatical to improve my CMS, LAMP, PHP, CSS & JS skills. I created Drupal sites and worked on apps for linguists and NGOs.

After Google my wife and I decided to live in Cambodia (2009-2012). We spent almost three years in SE Asia, where I was able to study new technologies and work for NGOs. My wife Kristin, as a licensed teacher, helped to start an international school for NGO and Missionary families.

My wife and I were excited to return to Colorado in late August 2012 after learning that we were expecting a baby. It's been a busy year transitioning.

OS History: I started my career on a Mac in the mid 90s, I always used both Mac & Windows for multimedia development & distribution. In the late 90s I started building NT systems for 3D/video work (while OS9 failed) so I swayed from mac to win. I used Ubuntu as my primary OS for a couple of years before returning to Mac. I prefer OSX for Linux Shell and gesture efficiency, but I use Ubuntu & win in vbox for testing.

Future: I am focused on continuing to expand my JS and PHP skills. I would like to do more with JS platforms like Backbone, Underscore.js, Twig, etc. and more OO PHP.

Clients I have assisted over the past 15+ years (via employment and contract):Google, IBM, Nextel, Campbell Soup Company (Pepperidge Farm, Vlasic, Pace, Godiva, V8, Prego, Franco-American, Arnotts, Swanson), Doubleclick, Sharp, GM Card, Dupont , Coke, Sesame Workshop, Olympus, Lockheed Martin, Comcast, Four Seasons, Agere, Lucent, Genuity , US Army, Maxfli, CertainTeed, SmithKline Beecham, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins Hospital, DuPont Merck, Abbott, Eyetech, McNeil , MediSense, ICI Zeneca, Rational Software, Electronic Payment Systems, Towers Perrin, RenuitNOW, Morgan Lewis Bockius, Neko, Into Networks, Fitch, 3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals, , Point of View, Beacon Hill Civic Association, Baltimore Aquarium, Doner Advertising,  Insight Express, Northernlight, Babson College, Analog, Dexter, Independence Blue Cross, Sol Beer,  Mangosoft , Ortho-Mcneil, Arthur Andersen, CertainTeed, Hal Lewis Group, Cigna, PECO Energy, Pennsylvania Power & Light, Leopard (Ogilvy),Mullen, Wilson Architecture, Barrett Communications.