File structure:

There are never too many files. Splitting your work across several files aims at helping you organizing your code. If you feel like something deserves to be divided into many files, feel free to go nuts! As Chris Coyier says in his Sass Style Guide:
“Break into as many small files as makes sense.”— Chris Coyier


Birth to one month.

A great Drupal Camp Colorado DCC presentation this weekend by Kevin Bridges (@cyberswat) . He reviewed Vagrant options like Ariadne & Oscar and explained drupal-lamp, which I just started using for sites in addition to Drupal-up. I like the .drupal_lamp.json and how sites are configured. Other than one small issue with the drupal submodule, it was easy to implement and had great instructions. Just don't forget to go into .drupal_lamp.json and change "deploy" and "clean" to true, they are initially set to false, otherwise when you provision, the site won't get built. I guess I can permanently put MAMP Pro to bed.

Cooling off in the waterfalls after riding under all the cachew and rubber trees.

Interesting dolphins.

Great beaches, lots of dangerous rocks to stand under and some crazy monkeys.

My wife and I had a chance to get to Bali before heading back home from South East Asia. Great adventure.

In my free time I was able to do some painting and drawing. Here are some pictures of my days at Marie's gazebo. Marie is an artist from the UK . She has lived in Cambodia for over 16 years and runs

In 2004 I moved from Boston to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I did some painting, made trips to Marble for stone and put my pneumatic tools to use. I was about 30 min from Boulder up on Sugarloaf mountain (just under 8,900 ft).